How to Choose the Right Water Feature to Beautify Your Outdoor Living Space

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Don’t live near a lake, ocean or waterfall? Most of us don’t, but that doesn’t mean you have to give up your dreams for a tranquil, outdoor escape.

It’s possible—and even easy—to create your own outdoor oasis by adding a water feature to your lawn.  Water accents can create a relaxing, calming ambiance and are great for enhancing gardens and landscape designs.

Water features come in all shapes and sizes. Whether you’re looking for a small pond or stream to complement your garden or an elaborate waterfall, there’s a feature that can satisfy your tastes and budget.  

Video: Creating Pond/ Water feature
Above ground water features are freestanding and can often be installed easily using another water line source.  These space-saving features work great if your lawn is small and include:
·         Waterfalls
·         Fountains
·         Bird baths
·         Water sprays
·         Sculptures

If your yard boasts a lot of open space and you don’t mind a little construction, then you may want to consider a below ground water feature, such as a pond or another type of pool-like system. These water features can be designed to be completely naturally looking with low maintenance, and allow you to take a portion of the lawn that hasn’t been utilized and turn it into something eye-catching to look at.

Before you install your water feature, take the following tips into consideration:

·         Utilities. Because many water features require some type of water supply and electricity, it’s important to understand what types of utilities are needed before you begin installing your water accent.  
·         Location, location, location. Location plays a big role in the impact of your water feature. But pay careful attention not to install your new water accent too close to your home in case of an accidental overflow of water. You’ll also want to avoid adding your water feature under a tree, as leaves and debris will fill the water and clog pumps and drains.
·         Play it safe. If you have small children, consider choosing a pondless water feature or putting fencing around it, as any body of water can be a hazard.

One you’ve selected and installed the right water feature, take the time to kick back and enjoy it! Your neighbors, family and friends will benefit from the peaceful, welcoming environment it provides. 

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