Home Tip Tuesday: 3 Steps to a Healthier Home

Clean out the refrigerator to make better choices.

Organization and healthy living go hand-in-hand. After all, have you ever met a healthy person whose life or home was in chaos? This year you can bring together two major goals—being more organized and improving your health—to create a happier more serene life. It’s not as difficult as it sounds. With just a few small changes you’ll soon be enjoying the benefits of a healthier and better organized home.

Organize Your Refrigerator
What does refrigerator organization have to do with better health? You can’t eat those fruits and vegetables if you can’t find them! When nutritious foods are easy to locate you’re more likely to choose them. First, identify which of the drawers in your fridge say “crisper” and which say “vegetables” or “humidity.” Fruits should be placed in the crisper bin and vegetables belong in the humidity drawer. Keep milk and other dairy products in the bottom towards the back where it’s coldest and store those lean fresh meats in shallow drawer frequently labeled “deli.”

Clutter can increase stress.

File the Pile
That pile of paperwork sitting on your desk may not seem like the enemy of health, but staring down clutter every day can increase your stress level and negatively impact the immune system. Also, if you’ve ever delayed going to the doctor or the gym because you couldn’t find your insurance or membership card you know how disorganization can directly affect your health. You don’t need a ton of space to get organized, one or two large accordion files will do the trick for most people. Start by dividing the piles into two easy categories, keep and trash. That’s all it takes! Label the pockets of your organizer with general headings such as “personal,” “pets,” “appliances,” “medical,” etc. Soon those messy piles of paper will be neat stacks of data you can access as needed.

Plants naturally clean the air.

Plant It!
Bringing the outdoors in is a tip often used by decorators, but maybe doctors should be recommending it too. Indoor air pollution is a serious problem that increases the risk for contracting serious illnesses such as lung cancer, heart disease or dementia and common problems like allergies, colds and asthma. Our homes are full of items that constantly off-gas volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from the paints, dyes and finishes used to make them. Plants can help remove these toxins and make indoor air cleaner. Jade plant, Spider plant, Dracaena, ferns, philodendron, Ficus and English Ivy are specifically recommended for removing VOCs and cleaning indoor air.

If you’ve always wanted to be a healthier, more organized person this is your year! Just a few simple steps can help you achieve your goal and increase your quality of life.

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