Home Tip Tuesday: What are the Benefits of Adding Plants to the Home?

Adding plants to your home can boost your mood and health!

Houseplants can beautify a room, but they also do much more! Adding green plants to your home boosts your mood and health. Learn the benefits of adding plants in the home, including which plants offer the most health benefits. 

The Benefits of Adding Plants in the Home 
Plants can alter the appearance of a room and complement existing decor. Many people particularly like having house plants around during winter, as the pop of green can be refreshing.

Humans breathe in oxygen and breathe out carbon dioxide. Plants do the opposite during the day. By placing green plants in your kitchen, office, or living room, you can freshen the air in the rooms you spend the most time in.

Certain types of plants, including orchids and succulents, continue to absorb carbon dioxide at night. These plants can keep the air in your bedroom oxygenated while you sleep. 
Plants release moisture during photosynthesis. At high levels, this can increase the humidity level in the room. To decrease dry skin, coughs, and respiratory ailments in winter, add plants to your home. 

In addition to filtering out carbon dioxide, plants also filter toxins from the air. Plants can filter formaldehydes from rugs and vinyl as well as benzene from printed materials. 
For a subtle mood boost from plants, place one large plant in a 10-by-10 foot room. For air purification, place one large plant or two small plants (i.e., 4-inch pots) in a 10-by-10 foot room.

Plants filter toxins from the air.

What Plants Do Best in the Home? 
Plants that excel at filtering benzene include aloe, Gerbera daisy, spider plant, chrysanthemum, weeping fig, bamboo palm, and peace lily. 

Plants that remove formaldehyde from the air include aloe, spider plant, snake plant, golden pothos, dracaena, weeping fig, azalea, English ivy, bamboo palm, heart leaf philodendron, and peace lily. 

Note, some of these plants may be poisonous to pets or children. Always check that a plant you want to bring home is safe or place a toxic plant high out of reach of your child, cat, or dog.  

While these plants are the hardiest filters of volatile organic compounds, any plant can look great in your home as well as improve your mood. 

Caring for any plant involves small daily rituals, from watering the plants to cleaning the leaves or re-positioning them so that all sides get sun. While these tasks do not take a lot of time, the simple act of caring for them can boost your mood. Studies have shown that nurturing plants even helps with recovery after an illness or injury. 

Add more plants to your home feeling good about the benefits they offer your mind and body.

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