How to Install a Brick Veneer Wall inside Your Home

Click Here to Watch: How to Install a Brick Veneer Wall

1.     Select your brick color & style to fit the room’s decor – brick veneers are thinner and lighter than full bricks and therefore do not require a load bearing wall.

2.     Install the ledger – a ledger is a piece of wood screwed onto the base of the wall on which to build your brick pattern. Floors are not always level so be sure to level your ledger before screwing it to the wall.

3.       Apply the brick – start by cutting several of the brick veneers in half. Apply your construction adhesive and begin in the bottom corner by stacking a full brick and then half brick and so one … giving you a running bond pattern. (Tip: you can either cut 3/8” wood spacers to place between each row of bricks, serving as the grout spacers. The second option or you can choose to dry-stack them, meaning you stack the bricks right against each other.)

4.       Add the mortar – after your brick has had time to set, you can prepare your mortar mix found at most hardware stores. The mortar helps complete the look.

5.       Seal or not to seal – you can either choose the more industrial look by leaving your brick as is OR select a polyurethane finish to complete the look.

6.       Add your trim and moldings to the bottom by nailing into the ledger and the job is complete.

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