Ideas for Transforming Your Unused Basement

Basements offer a wealth of extra living space for many purposes.

Is your family room or living area too crowded? Do the kids seem to be accumulating more stuff?  Is your finished basement in dire need of a facelift? If you said yes to any of these, the answer may lie right under your feet. As families grow, many homeowners find themselves needing extra living space. And while building an addition onto your home is an option, finishing the basement is often the easier, more cost effective choice.

Basements offer a wealth of extra living space for many purposes—the possibilities are endless! We’ve included a few popular trends in basement remodeling to consider.

Extra Storage Room
Running out of storage room?  Fortunately, basements offer an abundance of under-utilized space that is ideal for stowing items and neatly organizing your belongings. Built-in shelving and extra closets can help control clutter, encourage organization and add function to your home.

Finishing the basement is often easier and more cost effective than building an addition.

Home Office
If you ever work from home, designing a space in the basement specifically for work-related tasks can provide much needed quiet, privacy and separation from the main living area. Situate your desk and work area next to a window if possible to achieve natural lighting, and paint the walls bright colors to make the room appear larger. You will also need to install plenty of electrical outlets and cabinets for optimal use and organization.

Home Fitness Area
For fitness buffs, having a fully equipped gym available 24/7 may sound very appealing. Add padded flooring or a workout mat, mount mirrors on the walls and paint the room a bright color to help make the space more inviting and appear more spacious.

Playroom For Kids
A playroom in the basement gives children the freedom to spread out and enjoy their toys while preventing the main area of the house from being cluttered with playthings. Line the walls of the play area with a built-in bookcase or shelving to give children easy access to often-used toys and books while allowing rarely used items to be tucked away neatly in bins and out of sight of visitors. Plenty of storage space, bright colored walls and a soft basement floor make the ideal setting for a kid-friendly play area.  

If using your basement for an entertainment space, then consider adding a bar area.

Basement Bar
If you are creating a space in your basement for entertainment, then consider adding a bar area. It can be as simple as having a raised bar with stools and a refrigerator to something more elaborate with running water, a climate-controlled wine cellar or a dishwasher and microwave. Don’t forget about the overall mood and atmosphere of the bar area by installing proper lighting. You can even make your bar more authentic by including a billiards table, TVs and wall decor.

Extra Bedroom
One of the most practical solutions for an unused basement is to turn it into a fully functional guest suite, which can accommodate visiting visitors overnight.  If space and budget allow, consider adding a small bathroom as well to complement the guest suite while adding to the overall value of your home.

Home Theatre
Movie lover? Imagine walking down the stairs to your own private theater and watching a film in the comfort of your own home. Include a few comfy recliners, a large flat screen TV, and even a popcorn machine to create your very own movie room.

 Imagine walking down the stairs to your own private theater.
Man cave. Entertainment room. Play area. Craft room. Call it what you want, but today’s basements offer the perfect space for both relaxation and play, and often become a family’s favorite hangout. Partnered with the right home renovation expert, undertaking a basement remodel is a great and cost effective alternative to building an addition to a home if more square footage is needed.  

Whether you're looking for a quick update or a total overhaul, KLM Builders can help guide you through the entire remodeling process, identify your options and ensure your new basement includes all of the features, amenities and designs your family desires—all within your budget. With more than 25 years of homebuilding and remodeling experience, KLM would love to help you transform your unused or outdated basement into a fully functional space with their exceptional remodeling services and inventory of top of the line products. 

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