Bathroom Remodel Trends

Homeowners are seeking optimal comfort in bathrooms.

From soaking tubs and flat screen TVs to heated floors and dual vanities, homeowners are taking extra steps to outfit their bathrooms for optimal comfort. In the past, many bathrooms were built simply for function. But today, homeowners are recreating these rooms to be an oasis from their busy lives. Need help designing your bathroom remodel? Here are a few popular trends to consider. 

Large, Airy Showers
Today’s showers are much bigger and more sophisticated. In fact, many homeowners are removing their tubs altogether in favor of one large, airy shower. Popular features include multiple shower heads, jets, and temperature controls, all of which provide a spa-like experience. Clear glass is also an increasingly trendy addition while some homeowners prefer a spacious, tiled shower with no door at all. 

Heated Floors
Since no one enjoys walking on chilly floors, especially after a hot shower, radiant in-floor heating is a great, luxury option for your bathroom remodel. To achieve this feature, mesh is placed under the floor and connected to a thermostat on the wall. Some options even allow you to put the floor on a timer so it is warm in the morning. 

Heated floors and large showers are popular options.

Modern Lighting
If you’re going to be spending a lot of time in your luxury bathroom, then you’re going to want excellent lighting. This can include adding extra windows and skylights to the room to achieve a brighter, more sun-filled experience. While over-the-mirror lighting used to be the standard, bathrooms today often include decorative, overhead chandeliers as well as ambient lighting above the tub or shower. 

High Tech Amenities
Would you like to make the time spent soaking in the tub more enjoyable? In today’s bathrooms, magazines are being replaced with flat screen TVs, as many homeowners enjoy the idea of being able to easily access electronics that are already available throughout the rest of the home in the bathroom as well. From TVs and iPods to programmable showers, all of this new, sophisticated technology and more can now be integrated and enjoyed from the bathroom. 

Smart Storage Solutions
Because one can simply never have enough bathroom storage, maximize space by adding wall cabinets or a vanity tower. Internal shelves that pull out like drawers and built-in dividers will help keep your items out of the way and organized. Another growing trend is pre-manufactured cabinets with electrical outlets built in so that items like electric toothbrushes, razors and hair appliances can be conveniently used and stored without having to plug them in with every use.

Plenty of storage and dual sinks.

Double Sinks in the Master Bath
Tired of sharing sink space? You’re not alone. Double sunken sinks with their own drawers and mirrors are popular options in today’s bathrooms.  

A bathroom remodel not only boosts the value of your home, but it also improves your quality of life by creating a comfortable, spa-like atmosphere that lends pleasure and ease to your daily routines. 

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