Home Tip Tuesday: Popular Spring Plants/Flowers

Spring flowers and plants are a wonderful way to add color to your yard and garden. Whether you are seeking container plants to brighten a porch or patio or perennial shrubs that will return each spring, these popular spring plants and flowers will delight. 

Popular Spring Flowers

Flowers can brighten containers, line a walkway, add visual interest to a garden bed or fill in borders. These spring options are popular, easy to grow, and easy to find anywhere. 

Tulip - These spring-flowering bulbs should be planted in the fall for perennial return, or can be planted as a spring annual now in containers or garden beds. Tulips come in a wide range of colors and may have fringed, tufted, or flat edges. 

Pansy - Cheery annuals perfect for potting in containers or growing in garden beds, pansies come in almost any color. Pansies perform well through spring, and are tolerant of cld weather, but will wane in the heat of summer. 

Tulips and pansies

Hellebore - This perennial features creamy white, green, or dusty rose flowers that come up in early spring or mild winters. 

Bleeding Heart - A great perennial choice for part-shade landscape, bleeding hearts come in red, pink, and white varieties. These flowers feature soft lacy green foliage and stunning heart-shaped flowers. 

Grape hyacinth - These cheery purple or white flowers are among the first to come up in spring. Their small round flowers look like bunches of grapes and give the bloom its name. Grape hyacinths grow readily in most locations and will return year after year once planted. 

Popular Spring Shrubs

Spring shrubs are a great way to add large-scale color year after year. There are many spring shrubs that have elegant flowers. These are popular choices well suited to most yards and gardens: 

Lilac - With its scented cones of white or purple flowers in mid spring, lilac is a crowd-pleaser. Shrubs can grow quite tall. To keep blooms low, these shrubs need regular pruning. 

Dwarf Korean Lilac
Via Robertson Landscaping

Spirea - An easy, tried-and-true spring favorite, spring-blooming spirea is a low maintenance shrub that rewards gardeners with tiny white flowers. Plants can get up to 6 feet tall. 

Witch hazel - Witch hazel is one of the first spring-flowering shrubs to come to life, adding small yellow or red blooms to the garden when color is needed most. 

Viburnum - A three-season beauty, viburnum offers spring flowers, summer berries, and stunning fall foliage. Viburnums grow well throughout the U.S., as they are a native plant, and can be grown in sunny or shady sites. 

Visit your local garden center to find these and more spring plants and shrubs. For more home and garden design tips please visit homechanneltv.com

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