Warm Up Your Home with Fall Decor

Create beautiful fall decor by using natural elements.

Fall is here!  If you are looking for inspiration on how to decorate your home for autumn, get inspiration from these fun fall decorating ideas. 

Decorating With Mini Gourds
Mini gourds, winter squashes, pumpkins - these hold so much potential for autumn decorations. Cluster gourds on your mantle or create a table centerpiece by piling gourds on a platter. To create a fun door wreath, stick mini gourds into a store-bought wood wreath using floral picks. Brighten things up by spraying mini gourds with glitter spray paint. 

Decorating With Apples 
Green and red apples add color to the fall tablescape and showcase another classic fall crop. Crabapples and small apples can be strung into a wreath or garland for display in or outside the home. Fill a tall, clear glass vase with apples, and then stick a branch of vibrant autumn leaves inside for a show-stopping centerpiece. Or place a cute basket of apples on a side table to encourage healthy snacking and celebrate fall. Dried apples add additional possibilities for fall decoration ideas. Dehydrated apple slices can be strung for garlands or used in wreaths. By curling slices and rolling them together, you can create cute fall-themed roses for use in centerpieces. 

Make a pumpkin vase to use outdoors or indoors.

Decorating With Pumpkins 
Pumpkins are fun to carve into Jack O'Lanterns, but you can do so much more with them too! By hollowing out a large pumpkin, you can create an instant vase for a decorative winter kale or a hardy mum. Indoors, use the same hollowed-out pumpkin as the vessel for a floral centerpiece. 

Wheat and Corn Decorating Ideas
From golden stalks of wheat to mottled ears of Indian corn, there are so many ways to celebrate the harvest season by using wheat and corn in fall decorations. Go beyond a simple corn cob on the door with a full wreath made of corn cobs. Surround a large candle with corn cobs to make a fun centerpiece. Place a sheaf of wheat in an elegant vase for a rustic centerpiece or make a garland or long table centerpiece by braiding together clusters of wheat. 

Decorating With Fall Leaves
Fall leaves add vibrant color and texture to your home decor. For 5-minute decorating ideas, gather a bouquet of leaves or string leaves to make a garland. If you've got more time, create mason jar lanterns by using real or fake fall leaves and decoupage paint. For a kid-friendly craft, make paper prints of leaves you can frame and hang. Or paint leaves with fabric paint and press them onto napkins or table linens to make fall foliage linens. 

What are your favorite ways to decorate for fall? 

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