Home Tip Tuesday: Fall Garden Maintenance Checklist

There's a chill in the air!  Brutal winter weather will be here before you know it; so now is the time to get your garden in order.  Use the following fall garden maintenance tips to prepare your garden for winter survival and healthy spring growth.

Clean up the beds -  Remove summer annuals from your garden.  Replace with plants for beautiful fall color.

Divide and cut back perennials -  Dig up your perennials when they have grown too large for their existing space. Using a garden spade, break apart the plant's root ball into several smaller pieces. Then plant each of the smaller plant pieces in the garden. 

Dig up summer bulbs – Dig up summer bulbs for storage over the winter. Summer bulbs include canna, gladiolas, or caladium. In the spring, once the danger of frost has passed, you can replant them.

Plant spring bulbs –  Choose spring bulbs and plant now for great springtime color.  Some great choices include tulips, hyacinth and daffodils.

Plant new trees and shrubs – Fall is a great time to plant trees and shrubs because their root systems continue to grow underground. This can help fall-planted trees to adapt to their new environment and begin to thrive before the winter comes on. 

Protect - Protect sensitive and new plants with mulch or wraps so they can survive the long cold winter.

Water sources - Empty and disconnect all hoses, fountains and drip irrigation systems. 

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