Home Tip Tuesday: Modern Farmhouse Style

Apron sink and industrial light fixture add farmhouse charm.
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Fans of farmhouse design already know the style has a genuine elegance that evokes a simpler, more organic lifestyle. Farmhouse style is rustic in a fresh authentic way that blends comfort with utility and an appreciation for well-made, well-worn items. No tractors or hay bales needed! Modern farmhouse style can add charm to any apartment or suburban home with a few key design tips.

Keep Colors Neutral
A light, national color scheme is the place to start if you want to bring the farm into your home. Keep walls neutral in shades of cream, off-white and light grey to work as a background to the many rustic and colorful accessories you’ll include later.  The eclectic soul of farmhouse design benefits from the soothing and expansive effect light colors bring to a space. Apply this same idea when choosing linens, window coverings and other fabrics. Keeping colors and prints simple also keeps the style more modern.

Mix And Match
Dark warm woods are a signature of farmhouse style, but Grandma made do with what she had. Mix dark solid pieces with other wood tones to create that “collected through time” look you’d find in an old farm home. Nicks, dents, missing paint and worn spots only add to the appeal. Shopping for signature pieces in second-hand stores will not only save the budget, they’ll have that certain glow of age that new “distressed” furniture just can’t replicate.

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Commitment Pieces
If your budget and circumstance allows, a few major elements will make your design as solid as a farmhouse itself. Installing an apron sink, also called a “farmhouse sink” will instantly transform the most suburban kitchen into a country casual space.  Wide-plank hardwood floors, bead board paneling and industrial light fixtures (Think—I found this in the barn!) are other major commitment changes to consider.

Charm It Up
Traditional farm-life tools are the best accessories for your farmhouse design. Quilts, wire baskets, old canning jars, rusty buckets and chipped but beautiful pottery are perfect and inexpensive items to add that touch of authenticity to your décor. Using these items, rather than simply displaying them on a shelf, incorporates the look at a more organic level and makes more sense in a modern home. Who has time to dust a shelf full of collectibles? Wire baskets can hold linens in the bathroom or fruit in the kitchen and canning jars make excellent vases for fresh-cut flowers. Remember, farmhouse style marries utility with décor. A collection of vintage quilts may look beautiful on display, but they’re even more beautiful used on a bed to keep guests warm at night. That’s true farmhouse style!

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