Secret Passageways to Hidden Rooms

Photo via pbteen.

There is something so fun and mysterious about secret doors and hidden rooms!  They aren't just for scary movies and the wealthy.  People are creating their own secret spots to escape from the rest of the world for a while.  They are wonderful places for reading, daydreaming, relaxing or even extra storage.  A great and convenient place to get away from it all for a few stolen moments or even a whole afternoon.  Check out these passageways to hidden rooms:  

Secret doors can be bookcases, stone walls or simple wall panels!

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Photo via pinterest.

Photo via pinterest.

Photo via pinterest.

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Hidden rooms off the kitchen!  Pantries and laundry rooms - who knew?!

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Photo via katherine bacon.

Photo via material girls blog.

Through the looking glass!

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Hidden Pantry

Secret Room Behind Frame 

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Hidden Nook iv

Hidden Staircase Below Floor via 

Lift Staircase to Hidden Room

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