Lawn Care: Mowing Tips You May Not Know [VIDEO]

Proper mowing strengthens root growth and helps prevent leaf disease.

1. Make sure to sharpen or replace your mower blades. Dull blades can tear grass, which can increase water loss.
2. Mow in the morning or evening hours to avoid the mid-day heat, which can put stress on the lawn.
3. Check the proper height for your grass variety or opt to cut the top 1/3rd of the grass blade.
4. Change mowing patterns every few weeks. This helps promote uniform grass growth.
5. Grass clippings are fine for your lawn. Use a mulching mower or install a mulching blade on your existing mower. The mulched grass clippings fall back in the lawn, adding organic material into the soil.

Follow these simple steps to help create a healthy lawn all season long.


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