How to Select the Perfect Fence for Your Property

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Homeowners choose to install fencing for a variety of reasons.  For some, you envision a safe haven for your children to play outdoors. For others, you want to safeguard your swimming pool or prevent trespassers from entering your property.

Before making an investment in a fence, it is important to consider all of your available options. What are your goals for installing a fence? What type of fence should you install? These tips can help.

What are you trying to accomplish?

Before you make a decision on fencing material, first determine your motive for installing a fence in the first place.

A tall, secure fence can act as a deterrent to intruders trying to access your property.

If you live in a very dense neighborhood or near a busy street, then you may be interested in privacy fencing.  Blocking your home from adjacent neighbors and traffic will allow relaxation in your outdoor space and can even reduce noise.

This type of fence can be used to prevent wildlife from entering on your property, enclose swimming pool areas or provide you with a sense of security for children and pets.

Some fences can simply serve as an attractive accent to enhance your property while contributing to the overall aesthetics of your home. 

What material should you use?

When it comes to fencing materials, you have many options to choose from.  It is important that you match the fence to your needs and style. The most common include:

Chain link.
Chain link fencing is one of the most affordable options for protecting your yard. Today’s chain link fences are now available with vinyl coatings that blend in well with your surroundings compared to the standard silver chain link fencing.

Strong, wooden fences are great for improving the privacy of your home while creating a natural, traditional look around your property. Because wood is subject to the effects of rot and weather over time, its lifetime is limited. These fences require routine maintenance ranging from cleaning and sealing to painting.  

If you are looking for attractive, relatively maintenance-free fencing, then vinyl is a great option. The vinyl fence offers both strength and durability, lasting for a long period of time without the need for routine painting and sealing as it can withstand extreme weather conditions. Vinyl fences are also available in a vast range of colors and styles.

Other considerations

Before you have your fence installed, it’s always a good idea to consult with neighbors along adjoining property boundaries for agreement first.  Additionally, local zoning codes may regulate the type and height of fences that can be built in your community. Check with your municipality’s zoning departments before having a fence built.

From style and function to the amount of upkeep involved, there are many things to consider before you install a fence on your property.  Once you’ve decided on its purpose and type, work with a professional to erect an attractive fence to complement your home while giving you the functionality you require. 

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