Helpful Lawn Care Tips for Fall

  1. Control Fallen Leaves – remove leaves and debris to help your lawn to get the air and sunlight it needs to remain healthy
  2. Keep your lawn cut to about 2 ½” to 3” in height during the fall months to allow enough grass surface area for sunlight and moisture during this last stage before winter. For your last cut of the season, cut your lawn short to about 1 ½” in height to help reduce mold growth
  3. De-thatching Grass – using a garden or thatching rake, rake up dead grass and roots that tend to build up over summer. Doing this gives your lawn the air it needs to thrive
  4. Aerate your lawn – aeration punches holes into your lawn that will allow air, water and nutrients to penetrate the thatch and reach the roots
  5. Fall is also the perfect time to over-seed bare patches or thinning areas of your lawn. Remember a thicker lawn now is less room for weed growth in the Spring. For those newly seeded areas plan on watering lightly twice a day to keep the top ¼” of the soil moist. Your grass will start growing/turning green in about a week or two
  6. A fall treatment of weed and pest control, as well as fertilization can be applied (if you have over- seeded your lawn, be sure to wait 4-6 weeks before applying any weed control products). Also follow instructions on the package to avoid placing too heavy of an application, watering and safety instructions for when the lawn is safe for children and pets
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