Improve the Look of Your Ceiling with Tin Style Ceiling Tiles

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Consider using a thermal plastic ceiling panel tile; they have all the same beauty of stamped tin tiles, but without the negative aspects. They don’t rust or dent, are easy to cut to size with a pair of scissors and they don’t have the sharp edges that normal tin tiles do.

Step 1: Prime and then dust your ceiling to help make applying the tiles easier.

Step 2: Layout a grid with chalk lines as your guide – when taking your room measurements keep in mind that the first and last rows will be less than the width of a full tile, and for a symmetrical look those rows should be the same size in width.

Step 3: Cut first row of tiles – the first row tiles will need to be cut to width, keeping in mind the first and last rows need to be identical widths.

Step 4: Apply adhesive – with a caulk gun use polyurethane based construction adhesive and apply to the back of each tile as you go. When applying the adhesive to the back of the tile, apply it around the entire perimeter approximately 1” away from the edge. Continue applying the adhesive in a crisscross pattern through the center of the tile as well to give maximum coverage.

Step 5: Start placing tiles – begin with the corner using the half-sized tiles as your first row. Make sure to overlap all edges (the manufacturer designs the tiles to not have any seams). Continue next series of rows using full tiles. The last row should consist of using approximately a half tile width for each tile in that row.

Step 6: Cut tiles to fit around lights – to create the opening, measure from the edge of the previously placed tile to the center of the recessed light opening or electrical box. Next with the ceiling tile face down measure that same distance from the tile’s edge and mark a radius to cut out on the back side of the tile. Scissors can be used cut out the opening.

Step 7: Finish off the ceiling with trim/ moldings to complete the look.

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