Installing a Bead Board Ceiling

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Bead board ceilings offer a classic look, and installing one is easier than one might think.

Step 1: Remove Existing Ceiling, leaving the insulation and studs as well as any other framing. Take length measurements of the ceiling area. 
Step 2: Measure and Prepare Materials
When measuring the ceiling make sure to leave a ¼” space on either end to allow for expansion. Mark the length on your boards with a pencil and cut the boards to size with a table saw. You can select to purchase pre-primed boards if you plan on painting your new ceiling. If you are planning on a stained wood ceiling, then condition and stain your boards before installing.

Step 3: Install the Boards
Start the first board a ¼” from the wall with the tongue side facing the wall. Face-nail the first board with two nails on each joist, and for the rest, nail through the tongue. For recessed lighting, place the boards over the lights and, using pencil, trace light locations onto boards. Use a jigsaw to cut out the areas for lights and then nail boards in place. Continue the process of nailing boards and making any necessary cutouts along the way. Leave a small gap between first board and the wall as well as the last board and the wall. 

Step 4: Adding Trim
Measure the length of all the walls in the room. Cut a 1x6 in half to create your molding piece. Then, using the nail gun, nail molding in place. Repeat this process to add trim to all walls that come in contact with bead board. 

Step 5: Paint the Ceiling
For a finished look, paint the bead board ceiling. 

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