Cozy Fireplace Decor: Tips for Keeping Warm in Style

Your fireplace is one of the most eye-catching elements of your home. So, naturally, it’s also a part of your home that you want to make cozy and inviting—especially during these cold winter months.

 Even when it’s not in use, you have many options for dressing up the space surrounding your fireplace. Here are a few helpful tips and ideas for making it a unique focal point of any room in your house year-round.   

Careful arrangement

From candles and picture frames to vases and mirrors, you can embellish your fireplace with a variety of personal and seasonal decorative pieces.  First, determine how you will arrange your items on the mantle. A symmetrical arrangement creates a balanced look, with the largest object as the focal point. This arrangement is best for a more formal or traditional look. An asymmetrical arrangement, on the other hand, will allow you to gain visual balance without excess symmetry. To achieve this contemporary style, place three related objects on one end of the mantel, such as candles varying in shapes and sizes, and one larger, similarly related item on the other, such as a vase.

Layer it up
 Create depth for your fireplace by leaning a variety of objects on the mantle rather than hanging them. Place your largest item first, such as a mirror, and overlap the other different sized pieces, like picture frames, candlesticks and artwork gradually.  To avoid cluttering your space, don’t overwhelm your mantle with too many mediums.

 Add a touch of color

Introducing a fresh coat of paint to the wall of your fireplace is an easy way to make a dramatic statement while creating a custom look for your room. Choose a bold color that contrasts your room’s main paint color and draws attention to your fireplace.


Finally, don’t forget to dress up your hearth. Complement your room’s style by including ornate fireplace tools, screens and other accessories that match your home’s décor and mantle embellishments.    

How you decorate your fireplace depends on your personal taste and your home’s decor. By making it an eye-catching focal point, you can add warmth and style to any room it resides in. 

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