Your Master Closet Makeover

Finding something to wear every day shouldn’t be a daunting task. But for many of us, a messy, disorganized closet creates a stressful environment for getting ready—especially if you share with another person. 

Since your closet is an essential part of your master bedroom, it’s important that you simplify your wardrobe selection so you can get ready with ease. Here are a few simple ideas and efficient solutions to make your bedroom closet a more enjoyable, usable space.

Establish the Essentials

Before you begin revamping your master closet, assess its size and layout to determine what modifications and improvements need made to your current space. For instance, if you own several shoes, then accommodate your collection by incorporating shoe racks into your new closet plan.

Implement a Shelving System

Because you can never have enough space to store all of your clothes and accessories, adding a dresser to your closet can be a great way to gain extra storage. Or, a better option for maximizing your storage potential is a closet shelving system.  A properly designed closet unit should feature an array of compartments, rods, drawers and shelves each designed for specific pieces of your wardrobe including sweaters, jeans, bags, hats, dresses and jackets.

Maximize Storage

Make the most of the vertical and horizontal space in your closet by corralling your scarves, belts, socks and other accessories in neat, stackable bins or boxes. Hang ties and bags on hooks, and use slim hangers to free up space and minimize clutter. Cubbies, baskets and other organization units help keep shelf storage neat and aesthetically pleasing.  

Personalize Your Space

If you’re lucky enough to have a very spacious closet, furnish your space by adding a large mirror, a decorative vanity, or a fun chair or bench. A fresh coat of paint and good lighting can also help brighten your new space. If you share your master closet, designate a section for yourself and a section for the other. This will allow you to consolidate your own clothes, eliminate wardrobe confusion and get ready without bumping into each other.  

Call In the Professionals

Finally, if you need help achieving your dream closet, you can always seek the assistance of a professional. There are many great custom closet services available that can help you transform a cluttered, space-challenged closet into a functional, personalized space tailored for your unique wardrobe needs.

A master closet makeover is the perfect way to refresh your wardrobe! Find a solution that’s right for your everyday needs and eliminate unnecessary stress from your daily routine. 

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