Simple Storage Solutions for Your Basement

Just because your home’s basement isn’t finished doesn’t mean that it’s wasted space. Your unfinished basement can be quite useful, providing ample storage for seasonal items, unused furniture and other untouched keepsakes that won’t fit in a closet or garage.   

Miscellaneous items and boxes that were once scattered throughout your basement floor can be organized more efficiently with the right storage plan. And even the dampest, darkest basements can be modified and transformed to accommodate an assortment of household goods.

Here are a few tips for turning an unused basement into one of the most productive storage areas of your home.

Hide clutter with cabinets
One of the best ways to tidy up a cluttered, unfinished basement is with cabinetry. Properly installed cabinets look attractive, and the extra storage space can be used to organize cleaning supplies, filed paperwork and memorabilia, party decor, toys, extra kitchen appliances, non-perishable food items and more—the possibilities are endless!

Organize with shelving

A nice, open shelving unit is an easy and inexpensive way to organize boxes and other stackable, plastic bins or tubs off of the potentially damp basement floor. Luggage, holiday decorations and clothing can be neatly stacked away during off-seasons. Buy the materials and build it yourself, or have a basic shelf system professionally installed. Either way, make sure you utilize your space by spanning the wall from floor to ceiling. Don’t forget to label each box so that you can easily locate items when you need them.

Make room for food
Let’s face it; a kitchen’s refrigerator can fill up fast, especially if you have a large family or if you frequently entertain. Adding a second refrigerator or freezer to your basement is a great way to stock up on extra drinks, ice and other overflow from your main floor while helping to keep your upstairs refrigerator clean and organized.

Create space for work and recreation
Don’t have a laundry room? Need space to lift weights or house your ping-pong table? Want to designate a place in your home for tools or crafts? The unfinished basement is the perfect, cool atmosphere to store the washer and dryer, exercise, play games or finish home projects—all while adding practical square footage to your house.  Consider adding a large, indoor-outdoor rug or installing carpet tiles to create a more livable, homey feel for your recreational space.

Don’t overlook your unfinished basement’s storage potential!  Utilize that extra, versatile space and increase the square footage of your home by implementing simple storage solutions. Since professionally finishing a basement can be costly, consider these inexpensive alternatives that will help you achieve practical storage space and expand your living area. 

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