How to Create a Seasonal Room that Really Wows

A seasonal room is an extension of your home and you should continue your impeccable decor throughout the room.

Your seasonal room is the perfect hybrid of your patio and your living room. It is truly the best of both worlds, allowing you to experience the gorgeous views and relaxing atmosphere of the outdoors while enjoying the comforts of the indoors. Since it is literally an extension of your home, it is important that you continue your impeccable decor throughout the room.

 Start with the Floor

To make it easy on yourself, you should always work from the ground up. Finding furniture and accessories to match your area rug is a lot easier than the other way around. Since the area rug covers so much surface area, it will make or break your overall design. When selecting an area rug for your seasonal room, you should look for one that is suited for outdoor use. Even though the room is technically indoors, it will likely get a lot of sunlight, so you want a rug that will not fade. Plus, outdoor-grade rugs are a lot easier to clean should you track in any dirt from your yard.

There are so many different designs of rugs out there that you shouldn’t have to settle on one. Keep searching until you find one that calls your name. Since you are starting with the area rug, all you have to worry about is that you enjoy the way it looks.

Choose the Furniture Wisely

Next up are the pieces you will be spending hours relaxing on, so it is safe to say they are pretty important. You want to look for sofas and chairs that tie in with your indoor design scheme since you will be able to see the room from inside. However, you can make them a little more casual and airy so that they also fit with the outside vibe. Your best bet is actually to purchase patio furniture, the kind with big comfy cushions and sturdy frames. There are many designs out today that are made to replicate indoor pieces, but they will not fade in the sun and can handle you sitting on them in a wet bathing suit. Since the seasonal room is a place for fun, try to get creative with your selections. Instead of choosing the standard sofa and loveseat, get a loveseat and two chairs. This gives you a lot more arrangement possibilities. You can even create separate seating areas throughout the room to keep it cozy.

Spruce it Up

A seasonal room with just a rug and furniture would be pretty boring. Now it’s time to let your design aesthetic really shine. Hopefully you chose large furniture pieces that were neutral in color so that you can easily change up the look with a little accessorizing. Throw pillows in reds and oranges can add warmth in the fall, while aquamarine and pink can bring in some cheer for the spring. When choosing your wall art, look for pieces that will not fade in the sun, but will still bring life to your walls. Large clocks and decorative metal panels can be great additions to a seasonal room. Of course, you will also want to take advantage of the coziness that plants (real or silk) can provide. Choose tall plants, like a small palm tree, to place in the corners and a small seasonal flower arrangement to become the perfect centerpiece on your coffee table.

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