Tips to Make Your Family Room Look Great While Keeping it Comfortable

Choose furniture and accessory items that make you happy and comfortable.

If there is one room that is the heart of the home, it is the family room. It is where your family gathers to play games, watch TV, and, above all, create memories. The design in your family room is very important since it is going to be the backdrop of all of these wonderful memories, plus, it will probably make it in a picture or two. The family room is all about your family, obviously, so choose furniture and accessory items that make you happy and comfortable. Just make sure to follow these easy tips to ensure that your space is also cohesive and aesthetically pleasing.

Limit the Family Photos
You have a beautiful family and you want to show it off, and that is okay. Just make sure you hang up some actual wall art as well. The best rule of thumb is to choose one area of the room for the family pictures, and don’t let them escape to anywhere else. For example, perhaps you have a blank wall that you think would be a great place for these personal photos. Choose a variety of frames in different sizes and styles and display your favorite pictures accordingly. This will allow you to relive the great moments these pictures capture while still keeping your room design friendly.

Keep it Odd
As in, odd numbers. Although, if you like odd knick-knacks, go for it. The rule of odd numbers applies in many areas throughout your family room decor. First off, you should choose three colors that look good together (think deep red, burnt orange, and dark brown) that you want to incorporate in the room (the color white and any greenery don’t count against you). Now, keep these three colors in mind as you choose your area rug, accessories, and throw pillows. This is an easy way to create a cohesive space even if you really don’t have a clue what you are doing as far as decorating is concerned.
The other way that odd numbers come into play is when you are placing accessory items on your end tables, bookshelves, and fireplace mantels. You should try to display items in either groups of three or five. The odd numbers are more pleasing on the eye. You will also want to make the items varying heights and widths to keep things interesting.

Have a Statement Piece
When choosing the larger pieces for your room, like your sofa and loveseat, most of them should be neutral colors. This makes it easy to switch up your look however often you see fit by simply changing up the accessories: A simple change of throw pillows and an area rug and you have an entirely new space. However, every room needs at least one statement piece. This year, the lines between art and furniture are blending together, so it is really easy to find intriguing chairs or accent pieces to give your room that extra zing. Just throw all the rules out the window and look for something that really jumps out at you. Art is subjective, and you are in charge.

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