Tips for Creating a Fall-Themed Tablescape

With a few simple tips, you can build a beautiful fall tablescape.

Don't let the fancy word intimidate you; a tablescape is simply a table arrangement that employs some of the same artistic appeal as a landscape. A balance of color, high and low points and a sense of depth are what make a tablescape come to life. With the natural theme of abundance, fall is the perfect time to let your creativity flow and create a tablescape that's worthy of the season.

With a few simple tips, you can build a tablescape from almost anything. Before you purchase any supplies for your fall table consider these helpful suggestions:

Choose a Color Scheme 

The obvious choice for fall is rich autumnal colors.  Instead of including all the fall colors, you might use only tones of orange or gold or brown. This will produce a more subtle effect.
Mix printed and solid textiles. An abundant tablescape can quickly become too busy if you're not careful. Feel free to use a tablecloth with a print, but top it with a solid runner so that your tablescape pieces don't clash with or become hidden in the print.

Choosing only a couple tones will produce a more subtle effect.


Think balance, not symmetry. Arrange the main focal pieces in odd numbers like one pumpkin in the center or three pillar candles placed at even intervals. 
Stay in proportion.  A tablescape on a dining table should take no more than one-third of the space and should never block eye-contact from one side of the table to the other. Keep it practical; don't crowd diners with a tablescape that spills out into their eating space. When making a tablescape for a buffet table, keep the decor toward the back so guests don't have to maneuver around decorations in order to reach the food.

Choosing a Theme

With so many decorative possibilities during the fall season it's tempting to use all the beautiful gourds, candles, dried corn, silk leaves, cornucopia baskets, paper turkeys and acorns you can find. But selecting a theme can help you from overdoing and ending up with a design that looks more like a retail display than a chic table arrangement. Use the following theme example to inspire your best creative ideas and build a tablescape that fits your idea of the perfect fall arrangement.

Think balance and stay in proportion.

Theme: Orange

Cover the table with a plaid tablecloth in fall colors. Lay a plain burlap runner down the center of the table. Place a medium sized, uncarved pumpkin in the center of the runner and flank it with two pillar candles in a subtle shade of orange. Arrange tangerines, oranges, orange bell peppers, pots of orange chrysanthemums, orange leaves (real or good silk replicas), orange squash, orange gourds and whatever other orange-hued seasonal items you can find. Use wooden bowls, plates and candleholders in natural hues to hold some of the items and provide a variety in height. Including some neutral colors will compliment the shades of orange and anchor the entire tablescape.

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