Tips for Creating a Spooky and Stunning Halloween Tablescape

Your table can be eerie and festive, but you also want it to be elegant.
Chances are if you are hosting a Halloween party, black and orange streamers and a pumpkin-adorned tablecloth just aren't going to cut it. You aren't a kid anymore, and it's time that your Halloween tablescape shows it. You want your table to be eerie and festive, but you also want it to be elegant. Here are a few tips you can follow to make sure that your Halloween-themed tablescape has the perfect blend of spooky and stunning.

Make it About the Colors

Your table setting already has enough going on. From forks to glasses to serving dishes, there is no lack of items that you have to worry about finding a place for. The last thing you need is excessive skulls, spiders, squashes, and ghouls adorning your table. Instead, get across your festive spirit by choosing table linens in your colors of choice. Concentrate on black and white, adding a few splashes of orange along the way, to keep with the theme without overdoing it.

Create a Centerpiece that Wows

Since you kept the base of your tablescape simple and serene, you need to come up with a show-stopping centerpiece. When choosing items for the center of your table, you will want to stick with odd numbers. Choose one large item, three items of varying heights and widths, or, if you have a really big table, you may even be able to get away with five items. Odd numbers are more pleasing to the eye, and are easier to display in a way that looks balanced. Here are a few fun ideas for your centerpiece:

* A large floral bouquet filled with orange blooms (Don't worry, your local florist will have plenty of choices for you.)

* Decorative glass containers filled with black licorice, candy corn, or anything else of the desired hue

* Black ornate candlesticks with orange tapered candles

* Vintage glass or metal bottles with labels implying spooky contents (e.g. Vampire's Blood or Witch's Poison)

Be Subtle with the Expected

Every Halloween party is expected to have pumpkins, skulls, and spiders on display. Don't worry, your tablescape is no exception, but you have to use these items subtly so that the overall look of your table is still sophisticated. To incorporate spiders, look for spider napkin rings or place a few plastic spiders in unsuspected places (like just under the rim of the plate). Opt for mini pumpkins instead of place cards, writing each guest's name on one with a black permanent marker. There are plenty of ways to use these Halloween favorites while still making your tablescape a show-stopper.

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