4 Tips to Help You Create the Perfect Fall Fireplace Mantel

The mantel can bring warmth and sophistication to your room.
Ah, the fireplace. It's the place you gather with friends and family to stay warm as the weather starts to turn cold, and it is likely the focal point of your room. With the burning flames below, and an eye-catching piece of artwork above it, the fireplace mantel is just screaming to be decorated. When done correctly, the mantel can bring warmth and sophistication to your room. Here are a few tips to get you started in the right direction.

Stick with Odd Numbers

When choosing items to adorn your fireplace mantel, keep in mind that you want the total number of items to be an odd number. Items in groups of three, five, or even seven (if you have a really big mantel) are simply more pleasing to the eye and easier to arrange in a balanced way.

Make Both Sides Cohesive but Different

Most mantel decor will follow the same basic format: a group of items on the left, and group of items on the right, and some low-profile items in the center. Unless, of course, your artwork is resting on the mantel, then you will just need to worry about the sides. Either way, you will want to make each side similar in the size of the items you use and the spacing of the items. However, you do not want to make them mirror images of each other. By using different items, you will keep the mantel design interesting, and by using similar sizes and spacing, you will make the entire design look intentional.

Bring the outside in with silk leaves, imitation acorns or cranberries.

Use Varying Heights, Widths, and Depths When Displaying the Items

Can you imagine how uninteresting a mantel would look if you simply placed some items on it that were all the same relative size? It would be pretty boring. However, if you choose some items that are tall and skinny, others that are short and wide, and others that are in between, you can create a very interesting display. If you have a large piece of artwork above the mantel, be mindful that you are not blocking anything important; however, a little overlap can be captivating.

Be Creative with the Items You Choose

Okay, now that you know how to place the items you want on your mantel, you are probably looking for some ideas on what items to use for the fall. A no-fail choice is a variety of small gourds in varying sizes and colors. You can use them strategically throughout your display, or stack them on top of each other to create one of the taller pieces. Candlesticks are another great choice for fall, especially ones made of wood or darker finishes. Realistic silk leaves or plants can also bring the outside in, as can some imitation acorns and cranberries piled high in some intriguing stemware.

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