Creating the Perfect Fall Porch

The porch is their first impression of your home.

With the fall season comes house guests and get-togethers and parties galore. What does this mean for you? That a lot of people are going to be seeing your home, and your porch is their first impression of it. It is crucial that you take the time and effort to decorate your porch just like you do the interior of your home. After all, you only get one chance to make a positive first impression and it sure would be a bummer to waste it on an ignored porch. 

Start With the Steps

Steps are one of the easiest parts of the porch to decorate. Their natural incline makes it a breeze to display items while making them pleasing to look at. You can go a variety of different ways with fall items on your steps. The easiest is probably choosing an assortment of fall gourds and placing them on the outer edges of your steps. If you want to go with the basic orange pumpkin you can, but opting for browns, greens, and whites will make the decor more worthy of the entire fall season and not just Halloween. Don't discount fake pumpkins, either. Wooden and ceramic ones can bring a nice tone to the steps without you having to worry about any rotting.

The natural incline of steps makes it a breeze to display items.

Pump Up the Porch

Now that the steps are complete, it's time to get onto the main event: your actual porch. What you do here is really about if you are looking to create something that is simply nice to look at or if you want it to be functional as well. If you are all about the looks, a pumpkin topiary may be the perfect addition (take a planter and stack pumpkins of varying sizes and colors on top of it). If you do want some seating options, antique furniture is always great in the fall. This can be in the form of a rocking chair, wicker sofa, or even an upside-down old-school wash bucket.

Don't Forget the Wreath

No fall porch decorating is complete until you have a festive wreath hanging on your door. They are easy to make and you can create one as simple or detailed as you desire. Consider including dried out leaves, twigs, wheat stems, or even nuts. If you aren't the crafty type, don't worry, any arts and crafts store will have a huge assortment of fall wreaths for you to choose from. 

Fall porch decorating is not complete until you have a festive wreath on the door.

Since attention is in the details, you may also want to switch out your welcome mat with one that coincides with your fall color scheme. As long as you aim for warm colors (reds, oranges, and browns) and stay true to plants of the season, you can't go wrong when creating your fall porch.

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