3 Fun and Easy Christmas Traditions You Need to Start Now

Traditions are what you and your kids look forward to year after year.
What would the holidays be without traditions? Well, they would be boring and forgettable. Traditions are what you and your kids look forward to year after year. Traditions are what your children will remember when they have their own kids, and they may even carry them on. Suffice it to say, what you do with your family when December rolls around is very important because it will not soon be forgotten. Here are a few easy ideas you can implement in your family this year to create memories that will last a lifetime.

Create Christmas Collections

Chances are you have a variety of decorations that you pull out each year to put up in your home. These items get displayed and put away without so much as a glance from your kids. Instead, involve them in the decorations by giving them each a collection of their own. For example, one kid can take the Christmas stuffed animals, another can have Christmas trees, and another can oversee the snowmen (if you have more than three kids, bells, angels, and Santas can all be great themes). Each year, you can surprise them with a new item to add to their collection, and when you pull out the decorations each year, your kids can display theirs however they see fit. 

 Let the kids decorate the wrapped gifts.

Write on the Wrapping Paper

Once the gifts are under the tree, that's about all of the excitement they get until Christmas morning. But shouldn't the entire month be fun? A different option is to simply wrap the gifts in brown kraft paper, hiding the name of the recipient under a fold. Or you can have a secret color code and simply place a dot of the coinciding color on the bottom of the gift. Then, you can leave out a collection of art supplies for your kids to spruce up the gifts however they see fit. You can go as simple as markers and crayons for younger kids, or add in some ribbon, buttons, glue, and whatever else you want to really get the creative juices flowing.

Mix Up the Meals

You just had a huge, formal, sit-down meal for Thanksgiving, so why should you have to do it all again in a month? Christmas is all about enjoying the time with your family, and you should be a part of the memories, not stuck in the kitchen. Instead, skip the meals and have a day full of snacks, finger foods, veggies, and even some sweets. Christmas only happens once a year, and when your kids look back on theirs, getting to eat snack food all day while playing with their gifts will surely be one of the highlights.

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