Creating the Perfect Holiday Planter for Your Porch

The exterior of your home should be as festive as the inside.
During the holiday season your home will likely see more visitors than usual. From dinner parties to cookie exchanges, your doormat is going to be getting a lot of foot traffic. While you are surely sprucing up your home's interior to impress, don’t forget that the exterior of your home is just as important. It is the first thing your guests will see and it will set the tone for what your guests can expect when they enter your home's threshold. Of course, there are many ways to decorate your porch for the season, but creating a festive holiday planter is one of the easiest and most fun. 

Break the Rules

Yes, when you think of a planter or an urn, you probably picture some kind of greenery in it. While this is a viable option (see below), there are also plenty of other creative directions you could take your holiday urns this year. For example, find (or create) a large white urn and fill it with large plastic candy canes. Complete the look by tying a festive ribbon around the urn and you are good to go. 

Use seasonal branches, like pine, cedar, and boxwood.

Stick with the Shrubs

If you do decide to take the greenery route (which is also a wise choice), then opt for seasonal branches, like pine, cedar, and boxwood. These types of greenery just scream the holidays, and will add a festive touch to any urn. If you live somewhere where these plants are abundant, gathering your supplies will be very simple (i.e. head outside with some shears and get busy). However, if these species are not found in your city, there is a good chance the local home improvement store will carry some. For the finishing touches, consider adding in some pomegranates (they look like holly berries on a larger scale) or even some frosted globes that glow. 

Complete the look by using a festive ribbon.

Display with Care

Where you place your completed urns is just as important as how you created them. If you are displaying them in two separate places (e.g. on both sides of the steps or doorway), you will want to make sure the two planters are about the same height and width, but feel free to change up the details so they aren't exactly the same. Another option is to present your planters in groups. If you take this route, you will want to choose varying heights and sizes of urns/plants to keep the display intriguing. And don't underestimate the power of the urn you choose. The same arrangement in a sleek urn will have a modern vibe, while opting for a more detailed urn will make it fit in with a traditional home.

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