3 Tips for Hosting a Super Bowl Party

With a little planning and some great food you can make a memorable party.

If the Super Bowl is practically a national holiday at your home you're probably already anticipating this year's party. Hosting a lively event like a Super Bowl party should be fun, not stressful. You don't have to plan entertainment because it's all about the game, even the commercials are fun to watch. With a little planning and some great food you can make a party that's almost as memorable as that winning touchdown.

Send invitations 

Invitations are the first impression for any party and help set the mood. If your household and most of your friends are die-hard fans of team X make that obvious in the invitation by using team colors or addressing the invitation to, for example, "Raider Nation." Knowing the party is swayed to supporting one team will help guests decide if they want to attend or not. Passions for our favorite teams can run high during the Super Bowl and as a host you don't want guests who are fans of team Y to feel out of place or unwelcome. If your party truly is one where all fans are welcome to cheer for their athletes you can also make that clear on the invitation. Casual, hand-written or home-printed invitations or e-invites are easy and inexpensive. Since food and drinks are the center of any good Super Bowl party, asking for RSVPs on the invitation will give you an idea of how much to prepare.

Decorating and Staging
Using the colors and insignia of one or both teams sets the stage for a good time. Streamers, balloons and paper goods with a football theme are typically easy to find at a party supply store during Super Bowl season but solid colored items are just as festive Staging your home for a party that revolves around the television is an important part of the decorating. Move fragile accessories or non-functional furniture out of the viewing space and bring in extra seating. Don't overcrowd the area, guests need room to stand, sit, cheer and maybe do a victory dance. And don't use unstable items like TV trays for extra tables, in all the excitement they're bound to get toppled. If you're hosting a Super Bowl party you probably already have a television with a large screen, if not, consider renting or borrowing one for the day. Setting up a smaller television in the kitchen or wherever refreshments are being served is a thoughtful way to help guests keep track of the game and also encourages people to move out of the main viewing room now and then.

Snack foods are the backbone of any good Super Bowl party.

Food and Drink 
Snack foods are the backbone of any good Super Bowl party. In addition to expected items like hot wings, chips and dip or poppers serve foods inspired by your team's hometown. For example, if the Giants were playing you might serve warm pretzels and hot dogs as a nod to New York street food or cheese steak sandwiches to honor the Philadelphia Eagles. While Super Bowl may be a day of excess for most fans, don't forget to include a few lighter items as well. Roasted cauliflower with hummus for dipping, crispy baked zucchini chips, whole nuts, and multi-grain crackers will give health-conscious guests a few options. The same goes for beverage choices, offer bottles of sparkling water, a homemade "mocktail" in addition to beer and wine.

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