Considering Carpeting? Read This First

Carpet is important.  It is what you walk on, play on, and essentially live on.

Your carpet is a huge deal. It is what you walk on, play on, and essentially live on. So when it comes time to choose the carpet for your home, you better take the decision seriously. If you put in your due diligence, you will end up with a carpet that is durable, extremely cozy, and easy to keep clean. If you just go for one that looks the best or is the cheapest, you will likely be replacing it in a few years. Here are a few tips to help you end up with a carpet you will love for years to come.

Materials Matter

You can usually tell by the price point if you are getting a quality carpet or not. Clearly, if you spend a substantially lower amount, you shouldn't expect the carpet to last very long. That being said, there are a few exceptions: If you are buying a designer brand, you are probably paying more for the style than the quality. To keep it brief, wool is the cream of the crop when it comes to whole-house carpeting. It is extremely durable and easy to clean. However, options like nylon and polyester are still great options, and you can always add-on stain treatments to make sure they stay looking new just as long. Olefin is the most basic type of carpet: It is made of plastic and will crush very quickly.

Carpet takes up a lot of visual space in your room, so choose one that looks good.

Style Counts

If you haven't noticed, your carpeting takes up a huge amount of visual space in your room, so you better choose one that looks good. From simple to extravagant, the carpet world today is full of pretty much anything you can imagine. That being said, it is probably a wiser investment to stick with something neutral so that you don't have to change it out every time your decor tastes change. They make area rugs for a reason. Use them. (Note: There are special area rug pads to help it stay in place on your carpeting.)

Comfort is Supreme

As nice as it can be to look at the stunning shades and perfectly placed patterns on a lot of the carpets out there, if you have to choose between style or comfort, always opt for comfort. It doesn't matter how nice the carpet looks if you can't stand the way it feels. The Goldilocks-worthy softness level of a carpet can be found when the perfect fiber and type of carpet meet. This ideal combo is different for everyone; however, plush carpets that have the fibers standing straight up tend to be softer than loop carpets.

If you have to choose between style or comfort, always opt for comfort.
Carpet pads are another great way to add some comfort to a carpet that isn't your ideal plushness. Just make sure to get one with a spill pad (a plastic barrier between the carpet and the pad) if you have pets or you like to eat in the room you are carpeting.

The bottom line is that buying a carpet is all about a little give and take. You can't get the most durable, most stylish, and most comfortable carpet in one miracle flooring option. You need to choose what the most important aspect is for you and then make sure the other two are sufficient.

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