Top Trends for Bathrooms in 2014

Incorporate modern updates and state-of-the-art technology.

Remodeling or adding a bathroom is one of the smartest home improvement projects you can complete. Bathroom improvements almost always increase a home's resale value, and you can typically expect to recoup 60 to 75 percent of your investment according to most experts. Incorporating modern (but not too trendy) updates and state-of-the-art technology in a remodel increases your chances of adding value.

What's Hot in 2014

The key to cashing in on design trends is to not get too trendy. Remember, pink flamingos and celery-green tiles were once a hot design concept! Using a trendy touch here or there instantly updates a traditional bathroom without giving it a look that's stuck in time. Afterall, five years from now you don't want to go into your thoughtfully renovated bathroom and think "Ugh, this is so 2014."

 Look for items with clean, modern lines and sculptural shapes. 

Bold and Black -- White has long been the predominate color for bathroom fixtures, but expect to see bathtubs, tile, plumbing and lighting fixtures in black and other dramatic hues. These bold colors are meant to add a touch of modern, industrial style. Use one or two bold pieces and surround them with neutral, more traditional furnishings. Skip anything ornate or fussy -- the bold colors make enough of a statement on their own -- instead, look for items with clean, modern lines and sculptural shapes.

Sleek and Seamless -- Curbless showers, invisible drains and fixtures that fit close to the wall will be showing up in upscale bathrooms every where. The seamless style is a nod to futurism and the results not only look great but make cleaning easier.

Fantastic Floors -- Stone, ceramic or marble, whatever the material it should make a statement. Floating sinks will also be a 2014 trend, and why? Eliminating a vanity leaves more room for flooring. Over-sized tiles and extra-wide faux-wood tiles should be especially popular; both options create fewer seams to help make the space look large and sleek.

Floating sinks will be a trend.

Amazing Matte -- Matte finishes will be showing up in fixtures and tiles in 2014-- even gigantic matte-black soaking tubs. Matte finishes compliment the overall industrial/modern style while still looking luxurious.

Technology Trends -- Just a few years ago televisions, computer screens and self-cleaning commodes where the technological must-haves every new bathroom needed. In 2014 expect technology to take a more subtle approach. Digitally controlled faucets make sure your water pours out at the perfect temperature every time -- no more waiting for hot water to get hot or worrying about the kids scalding themselves. Double-walled bathtubs keep water warm longer without consuming extra energy, and touchless flushing -- just wave your hand in front of a sensor -- is not only tidy, but it's also part of the sleek, modern style that will be prevalent in 2014.

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