Creating the Perfect Tablescape for Everyday Use

Casual tablescape dresses up your table in a way that is comforting and inviting.

Yes, on special occasions you want to go all out and set up the most stunning tablescape of all time to awe your family and friends. But what about the rest of the time? You and yours deserve to look at a beautiful table every day, whether it's a holiday or not. That's when a casual tablescape is the perfect option. It dresses up your table in a way that is comforting and inviting, and you can even leave it put day in and day out. Here are some tips to help you create the perfect table display for the rest of the time. 

Make it Interesting
Since the center of your table is likely seen many times throughout the day, you want to make it interesting. Go through your home and gather up a variety of items that will look good together. Think sleek vases, rugged candles, leather-wrapped books, and even random knick-knacks or unopened wedding gifts. Your goal is to end up with a collection of items that have varying textures and heights so that, when combined, they will appeal to your senses and satisfy your aesthetic needs.

Add Some Color
A tablescape is the perfect opportunity for you to bring in that bold color that you have been too afraid to paint on your walls. As long as the items in the actual tablescape blend with each other, there really is no color off limits. Sure, it would be helpful if it contained the same color scheme as the other objects in your dining area, but you should feel free to go a little bit outside the box. However, make sure to throw in a few neutral-colored items to balance everything out. 

 Limit your display to the center of the table.

Leave Room
What good is a stunning tablescape if you have to move it every time you sit down to eat? Design is all about form meets function, so you want to create a tablescape that requires very little maintenance come mealtime. To do this, limit your display to the center of the table. If you are working with a long table, you can even create a large grouping of items in the center and two smaller groupings on both sides. Just don't expand into the placemat zone and you will be fine.

Get the Size Right
In the design world, this is referred to as scale. If you have a table with a capacity of 10, you better put more in your tablescape than a three-candle collection. You can achieve the proper scale by either going tall or wide in proportion to your table's size. But remember, if you go too tall, you are going to have to move things around before you sit down for a meal.

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