5 Elements Every Contemporary Kitchen Needs

Sleek lines and stylish accents.

You have always dreamed about a contemporary kitchen. The sleek lines, the stylish accents, and the perfect blend of textures fit your design aesthetic impeccably. The time has finally arrived to make your dream come true, and as long as you include these key elements, you will have a magazine-worthy contemporary kitchen in no time at all.

Mixed Materials

While the words contemporary and modern are often used interchangeably, they are actually very different design styles. Modern is based on a historic movement of design, while contemporary literally means "happening now." The easiest way to tell the two apart is that contemporary design, while still sophisticated and sleek, includes a mixture of natural elements, like stone, glass, metal and wood. Make sure to use at least two of these materials so that it is clear you have a contemporary kitchen and not a modern one.


Something else often seen in contemporary kitchens is the innovative use of otherwise drab materials. It's all about thinking outside the box. Imagine glass-back barstools or concrete countertops. Today, there are many different bold finishing techniques and colors that can be used on concrete to make your counters the star of the show. Contemporary kitchen designers are always looking for a new way to use often-overlooked sources to provide the kitchen with that extra wow factor. 

Mixed materials and simple accessorizing.

Varied Lines

Another telltale sign of a contemporary kitchen is the use of both straight and curved lines throughout the space. You can have an angled roof with rounded countertop edges paired with geometric cupboards and sleek handles. As long as the overall look of the room emits a feel of sophistication, you can mix up the curves to your heart's content. 

Cutting-Edge Appliances

The whole concept of the contemporary kitchen is to create a streamlined appearance with high functionality. That is why most kitchens of this design style contain all of the latest appliances and gadgets. After all, it can't be "happening now" with a fridge from the 1970s. Think stainless steel refrigerators with built-in computer tablets, hidden outlets that pop-up when needed, and coffee makers to rival the local Starbucks.

Streamlined appearance with high functionality.

Simple Accessorizing

To finish off your contemporary kitchen, you are going to need to add some accessories, but you need to do so sparingly. Again, the entire point of this style is to stay simplified, so clutter definitely does not belong. Instead, focus on low-back barstools with a bold color choice and decorative lighting that ties together the aesthetics of the room. Less is more in a contemporary kitchen, so choose every addition wisely. When you create the perfect mix of materials, shapes, and fancy gadgets, your dream contemporary kitchen will be born.

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