5 Must-Have Elements for Any Mediterranean Kitchen Design

Mediterranean design is bold elegant and casual.
Kitchen by DJK Custom Homes.

You know when you go on vacation and the resort villa kitchen is bold, elegant, and casual all in one? This is what Mediterranean design is all about. Inspired by the aesthetics found in Spain, Italy, Greece, and other countries surrounding the Mediterranean Sea, this design scheme fits in flawlessly with both contemporary and traditional homes and can bring character and pizazz to your living space. If you are creating a Mediterranean kitchen design, here's what you need to make sure to include:

Beach-Inspired Color Scheme

Close your eyes and picture yourself at a top-class beach resort. What colors do you see around you? The rich blues and turquoise hues of the ocean? The bright yellow the sun emits or the striking peppery red and terra cotta found in the sunsets? The light browns and beiges seen amidst the sandy beaches? These are the shades and tones you need to focus on in your kitchen. Stick with the neutrals for large surfaces and don't be afraid of going too bold with the accent colors, because that's what Mediterranean design is all about.

Curved lines and archways are an important aspect.

Tile, Tile, and More Tile

One guarantee with any Mediterranean kitchen is that there will be tile. This material is the epitome of a beach resort and exudes the Mediterranean feel perfectly. However, the location of the tile can vary. You can have an ornate hand-painted tile backsplash, a stunning mosaic tile countertop, or a tile floor made with earth tones. When choosing tile options, the more detailed and vivid, the better.

Curved Lines

No Mediterranean kitchen would be complete without some swooping lines. This detail ensures you end up with a Mediterranean space instead of a modern one. The curved lines balance out the boldness of the color scheme and add a sense of glamour and elegance to the room. So where can you include the scrolls and swoops? Your hardware and faucet selections are the perfect opportunity to incorporate the curves. Additionally, consider adding an area rug or wall hanging with no straight lines in sight.

Incorporate interesting surfaces and heavy metals into the design.  

Interesting Surfaces

With all of the amazing details in a Mediterranean kitchen, boring surfaces just won't suffice. When working on your walls, don't settle for smooth. Instead, opt for something like drywall mud, Venetian plaster, or even stucco. These textures will not only enhance the resort-like feel of the room, but they will also add more depth to the space.

Heavy Metals

With all of the strong elements in your design, you can't just use any old metal. When looking for pot racks or paper towel holders or even sconces, wrought iron should be your metal of choice. It has the heavy presence needed to look balanced with the other aspects of your design. Plus, the dark color of it will look divine with your rich, warm color scheme.

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