4 Unique Ideas to Make Your Easter Tablescape Shine

Choose a spring color scheme for your tablescape.

While Easter also offers egg hunts and the Easter Bunny, when it comes down to it, the holiday is really all about the meal. Whether you opt for a brunch after church or a formal dinner with the family, you better be sure your tablescape leaves nothing to be desired. Of course, you want to choose a color scheme that screams spring (pink, green, and blue, anyone?), and maybe even add in an egg or two, but here are some other ideas to get you started.

Employ Spray Paint
There are a lot of ways to use eggs on your tablescape. You can group them together to build an egg tower centerpiece on top of a cake plate (hot glue is ideal for making them stay put), place them inside of vases or bowls, or even the cliche eggs in a basket (which is perfectly acceptable!). While you can always dye your eggs to match your color scheme, or look for plastic ones, finding the perfect shade is not always easy. That's where spray paint comes in. With way more color options available, it's a much easier option for finding your ideal hue. Of course, only use it if you don't plan on eating the eggs afterwards.

Tie in some outdoor textures.

Get Creative
If you are having a hard time finding placemats worthy of your table setup, you may be looking in the wrong place. By looking at scrapbooking paper, or other types of art supplies, you can find some very interesting patterns within your color scheme. For an added touch of personality, choose a slightly different design for each place setting, keeping the colors the same for consistency. You can even change the hues of the plates you use to keep it interesting. For example, use plain white plates as the base for each setting, and then alternate blue, green, and pink salad plates around the table. 

Bring in the Outdoors
Since Easter is the official kick off of the spring season, it only makes sense to tie in some outdoor textures. After all, a mix of colors, textures, and shapes is the secret to any amazing tablescape. Tulips are always a popular blossom during the Easter holiday, but any flower choice will suffice. Put them in a porcelain pitcher for an elegant, yet casual, look. Additionally, you can consider small grapevine wreaths as napkin holders, or shredded paper in the base of vases to emulate grass. 

A mix of colors, textures, and shapes is the secret to an amazing tablescape.

Divide and Conquer
A fun, and delicious, way to add color to your tablescape is with some individually wrapped chocolate eggs or kisses. You can easily find them in pastel shades, but for a more empowering effect, sort them by hue. Several bowls each holding one color will be more eye-catching than a dish with them combined.

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