7 Tips to Make You the Best Easter Dinner Host Ever

The success of an event is in the details.

It is often said that the success of an event is in the details, and Easter dinner is no exception. Whether you are hosting a shindig for your closest friends or a formal affair for the entire extended family, it's the little things that will go a long way to impress your guests. So grab your apron, put on a smile, and complete these tasks to become the best host in Easter dinner history.

Greet Your Guests

Yes, it may seem obvious, but it's way too easy to get held up in the kitchen and just send a kid to open the door. It may be slightly inconvenient, depending on the timing, but try to personally open the door to greet your friends and family upon their arrival.

Offer a Beverage

As soon as you give hugs and collect jackets, offer your guests something to drink. It can be a glass of wine, iced tea, or even some chilled water. This gesture will help them feel at ease and let them know you take this hosting job seriously.

Warm Up the Plates

This often-overlooked task will really take your hostess-with-the-mostess status up a notch. Set the oven to 150 degrees and put the plates in it before you serve the food (obviously, it's a lot easier if you have a double-oven setup). This temp is warm enough to extend the life of the food but not hot enough to char anybody's skin.

Replace the Butter

Again, it seems like a no-brainer, but it is easy to overlook. Put a new stick of butter in the dish before starting out the meal. Not that your old one was unsanitary, but leftover breadcrumbs aren't exactly inviting. Oh, and make sure it's pre-softened, too.

Assign Seating

If you are serving more than four people, it is a good idea to create fancy nameplates to put at the table. It's not necessarily to make sure people will get along, but it will help your guests feel appreciated. They will know that they were planned for, and it won't have to be awkward when they try to figure out who is going to sit next to whom.

Light Candles

These little wax filled jars can work wonders for creating the ideal ambiance for your meal. You can either put them on the table for a romantic restaurant type of feel, or use some scented ones to make sure your home smells delectable upon entry. And never forget the sweet-smelling candle in the restroom.

Be Aware of the Room Temp

Finally, you need to stay conscious of the temperature of the room. With an oven on and a room full of people, it can quickly escalate. Don't be afraid to ask your guests if they are comfortable, because most people won't speak up unless they are questioned.

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