Springtime Home Maintenance Tips

Springtime home inspection will help prevent costly damage before it happens.

Winter threw its worst your way. Thanks to your pre-winter home maintenance you survived the ice, snow and cold temperatures in a well-insulated home stocked with plenty of emergency candles, extra batteries and granola bars. Congratulations, now as soon as you finish that celebratory cup of coffee it's time to get started on your springtime maintenance. There's not much time to rest, every season brings a list of new chores for a homeowner to complete.

Foundation Check

The extreme temperatures of winter can cause expansion and settling in a home's foundation. Hairline cracks aren't necessarily a concern but they should be watched carefully. Inspect the foundation and use tape to mark the width and length of any cracks you find. If they worsen in a few months it's time to call in the experts. If they appear to be stable with no change in size, fill then with an epoxy-injection product.

Check your gutters for debris, loose fasteners and separation at the gutter joints.

Gutter Check

Rain gutters get a workout in the winter with all the melting ice and snow coming off the roof. Check your gutters for debris, loose fasteners and separation at the gutter joints. Flush out the downspouts to remove clogs you might not be able to see. Get ready for spring rains and make sure gutter leaders extend at least 5 feet away from the home's foundation.

Tree Check

Many areas of the country are reporting colder, longer winters than ever before. Increased tree damage is one of the many side effects of extreme weather, and weakened trees are a potential hazard to your home, car and even to your life. Inspect all trees for broken or cracked limbs. If you can't remove them safely yourself, call a licensed arborist to complete the job. Also check tree trunks for sun scalding and roots that appear to be lifting from the ground, these may be signs the tree is listing.

 Tidy up the area around the AC pad and replace any external parts.
AC Check

Warm temperatures will be here soon, before you reach for the air conditioner switch make sure your home's cooling system is ready to go. Use a vent brush or shop vacuum to clear the outside unit of leaves and other debris, and tidy up the area around the pad. Replace any external parts, such as cooling fins, that may have been damaged over the winter. Inside the house vacuum the register and grille and pop in a clean furnace filter.

By completing a basic springtime home inspection you'll be able to prevent costly damage before it happens. Even more valuable than potential financial savings is the sense of peace you'll get from knowing your home is literally safe and sound.

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