Creating a Mother's Day Tea Party for Guests of All Ages

A tea party is a great way to celebrate!

Mother's Day is a tricky holiday to celebrate. If you are a mom, you want the day to be all about you, but you have other women in your life that deserve to be honored as well. So what is the best way to make sure all of the honorees of the holiday (your mom, mother in-law, friends, sister, etc.) feel special? Why not host a Mother's Day tea party? You can even have them bring their kids and husbands along so everyone can get in on the fun.

Take it Outside

With summer just around the corner, Mother's Day is the perfect opportunity to take the festivities outside. However, that also means that you want to choose a somewhat muted color palette so that Mother Nature is the true star of the show. A pure white tablecloth topped with a burlap runner can set the perfect foundation for the rest of your tea party toppings.
 Mother's Day is the perfect opportunity to take the festivities outside.

Bring Out the Butterflies

What evokes feelings of cheer and happiness more than a motif of flowers and butterflies? Not much. Which makes these items the perfect theme for your tea party. Create a couple smaller floral arrangements to place on the two sides of the table, with a stunning tiered cake stand filled with alluring butterfly-shaped finger foods in the center (nothing is off limits with a butterfly cookie cutter!).

Another fun way to incorporate butterflies is to create paper versions of the beautiful creature to place on the rims of the water or wine glasses. You can easily do this by folding a piece of cardstock in half. Cut out the silhouette of a butterfly wing along the seam (like you did for paper hearts in elementary school). Then, cut a small notch on the edge to help it perch perfectly along the edge of the glasses.

Create paper butterflies and place them on the rims of the glasses.

Create the Teacups

Every mother knows that the best gift is something that her kids made her, which makes decorating teacups a perfect craft idea for the big event. Get plain teacups at the arts and crafts store, along with a variety of food-safe paint colors. Have the kids use their thumbs to make flower designs over the surface of the teacup. When it's just about time to wrap up the day, have the children present their masterpieces to their moms.

Of course, you will also need some ready-to-go teacups to use during the meal. Place the teacup and saucer on top of the appetizer plate to create an appealing place setting for each guest. And have a variety of beverages for all ages available (pink lemonade, white wine, etc.). There's no rule that says tea is the only drink allowed at a tea party.

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