How to Create a Sanctuary on Your Own Patio

You should look forward to relaxing on your patio.

Your patio is your oasis: your getaway from the worries of your day and a place for you to truly relax. But if you don’t have it properly decorated, it could very well be stressing you out instead. Your outdoor living space is all about ambiance. From ground up, your patio decor should contribute to the calming, resort-like feel that you want and deserve.

Choose Your Seating Wisely

As much as you should enjoy looking at your patio, you should look forward to relaxing on it even more. When selecting the furniture for your outdoor living space, comfort should be a top priority. Luckily, there is such a huge variety of outdoor furniture that you should have no problem finding both something attractive and cozy. Just make sure to choose furniture that is specifically made for outdoor use; meaning it uses fade-resistant fabrics, cushion cores that can handle water, and aluminum or teak frames.

Get Creative with the Layout

The most common type of seating for a patio is a dining table with chairs. While this is great if you plan on eating outdoors a lot, it does not prove to be very comfortable. Instead, opt for padded lounge chairs (the kind that bounce are even better) with a large outdoor coffee table or fire pit to put them around. This setting is great for conversation, and you still have somewhere to place your glass of wine. Oh, and did we mention the fire pit is one of the best ways to create ambiance with its subtle lighting and much-needed heat source?

There are lots of lighting options to create ambiance.

Don’t Forget the Lighting

When the sun sets, all natural lighting is gone, so you are going to want to create some artificial lighting that will help set the desired mood. Hanging lanterns are a smart way to do this because the light is dim, creating a sense of warmth. If you do need heat, and are not keen on the fire pit idea, a large propane heat lamp is another wise choice. It will keep you warm and offer a not-too-bright light source.

Accessorize, Accessorize, Accessorize

Once you have all of the main aspects of your outdoor living space figured out, it’s time to really make things look warm and inviting. How do you do this? With accessories, of course. You didn’t think accessories were only for inside, did you? Choosing outdoor decorations is a lot like choosing indoor ones, except they are made to withstand the elements. Look for wall art (permeated prints that look like canvas paintings), area rugs (can handle the water and the sun), and dishes (melamine works great) that are specifically for use outside. You can also add a great deal of warmth by including some plants in your setup. Not much of a green thumb? Luckily, there are plenty of silk plants that look exactly like the real thing and can be your little secret. Again, just make sure they are treated for outdoor use, or you will be replacing them often.

Accessories complete your sanctuary.
When decorating your outdoor living space, keep in mind that your goal is to make it look like an indoor living space, only using items that will withstand the wind, sun, and rain. Once your outdoor sanctuary is complete, you will be able to escape the humdrums of your daily life with a simple slide of your back door.

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