Pros and Cons of an Above-Ground Pool

An above ground pool offers affordability and summer fun.

What backyard isn't better with a swimming pool? The cost of an in-ground pool makes the dream impossible for many families, and even those who can afford it may be turned off by the hassle of such a major construction job. However, there is another option. An above-ground pool offers many benefits, affordability being the one most people probably think of first. Before making the investment, consider the pros and cons of an above-ground swimming pool.



Above-ground pools are available in a variety of shapes and sizes. Their mobility gives them a level of flexibility you could never have with an in-ground model. If you decide you don't want a pool anymore, simply take it down. Or if you think it would be better in a different area of the yard, simply move it. 

Ease of Installation and Care

You can install an above-ground pool by yourself without the cost of hiring a professional or the need for expensive equipment. Filter and pump systems with above-ground pools are self-contained and require little maintenance.

Seasonal Arrangement

If the only time you need a pool is in the summer when the grandkids are visiting, that's the only time you have to have one with an above-ground option. Break it down for storage when not in use and put it up again when the warm weather returns.


Depending on the type and size, an above-ground pool can cost as little as a few hundred dollars up to a few thousand. In most states the cost of an in-ground pool starts at around $20,000.

Safety is a concern with any type of pool.


While adding an in-ground pool can increase your home's value and make it easier to sell (depending on the market), an above-ground pool adds nothing to the value of your home. 
Potential Damage
Grass won't survive the summer with a pool parked on top of it. An above-ground pool will definitely wreak havoc on your lawn; reseeding or re-sodding will be necessary when you take down the pool.
Above-ground pools are not meant to be permanent. Cracks, holes and broken frames are common. If your pool gets a lot of use it may need to be replaced every few years.
Safety is a factor with any pool, in or above the ground. You may need to invest in a fence or other type of barricade to ensure everyone's health and peace of mind.

A new pool is bound to make your yard the most popular place in the neighborhood. All the kids will be at your house all summer and your backyard will become everyone's favorite place for birthday parties and family gatherings. Only you can decide if that one is a pro or a con.
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