Lawn Care Part 5 of 5 - Lawn Mowing

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Lawn Care Part 5 - Mowing - By Lowes


  • Quality lawn mower
  • Sharpener and balancer for sharpening blade or take to a professional


  • Mow in the cool of the morning or evening to avoid additional heat stress on yard
  • Do not mow when lawn is wet - causes fungus growth and clump clippings
  • Set mower deck to cut top third of the leaf
  • Height of grass depends on grass variety
  • Mowers wheels should be 2 inches inside last cut line so nothing is missed
  • Change pattern of mowing every few weeks - this encourages uniform grass growth
  • Clippings - use a mulching mower or mulching blade on your mower
  • If using a bag, empty frequently
  • Consider composting clippings
  • Mow regularly

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