Treat Your Loved One to a Vacation in Your Own Backyard!

Tips for Creating a Dreamy Outdoor Escape

While a backyard is great for hosting summer parties or grilling out with friends, it can also provide a lush outdoor escape for you and your loved one. This summer, we’re sharing our secrets to making your backyard a romantic paradise.

Rule Number One: Privacy is Priority 
It’s hard to feel intimate when you can see your neighbors through their back kitchen window. To solve this pesky problem, use greenery to act as a wall around your yard. Miniature trees are perfect for those looking to conserve space. The Eastern Redbud offers both shade and splendid purple and pink flowers, while the Flowering Dogwood and Japanese Maple both add incredible color. Large potted ferns are also easy to line around your yard and provide easy coverage any time of the year. 

Forget the Patio Chairs – Hammocks Are Here to Stay 
Nothing says summer like lounging in a hammock. There are plenty of styles to choose from, such as rope or quilted fabric, ensuring that you and your loved one will experience endless comfort and contentment. Plus, it gives you an excuse to get cozy! Place your hammock in a quite space with an unblemished view of the open sky. Whether you’re sunbathing or stargazing, one thing is for sure – you’ll never want to leave.  

Go Green – Gardening Is In! 
Perhaps the most obvious way to add beauty and vibrancy to your outdoors is to have a blooming garden. In addition to giving life to the rest of the yard, a colorful garden adds excitement and intimacy by transforming your yard into a lush paradise. Some of our favorites this season include the Red Valerian, Brown-Eyed Susans, Catmint, Delphiniums and Oriental Lilies.

There’s just one small problem with gardening – it’s hard work! However, there are ways to make it easy for those of us who do not possess a green thumb. 

  • Go BIG: A garden filled with large, full-sized flowers makes any yard seem much more vivid and radiant. Talk to the folks at your local greenhouse for plants that bloom loud and proud. 
  • Use Color: While ferns and shrubs in various forms of green make your yard seem healthy, pops of color can really help everything come to life. There is no need to stick to one color palate; use the whole rainbow by choosing plants and flowers that bloom in a whole array of shades! 
  • Take on the Texture: A uniform garden is boring – instead, choosing plants of all different shapes, sizes, and textures. Unusual stones or mulch can also serve as an easy way to brighten up your greenery. Just be sure to ask an expert about which plants grow well together. 

Get Artsy with an Arbor
Spice things up by adding an arbor that leads to your backyard paradise! There are many different arbor styles to choose from – whether you want something rustic and antique or a more sophisticated feel, you can surely find it at your local hardware store. A stone walkway compliments the look, while covered ivy helps the piece to incorporate nicely with the rest of the space.  

Love the Lights 
The final touch is perhaps the simplest – twinkling lights to set the mood! White Christmas lights can easily be strung around your arbor and garden, creating a feeling of cozy intimacy. Mason jar lighting is also trendy, while lanterns and stake lights can keep your yard illuminated all summer long. 

With these quick changes, you can finally achieve that backyard bliss you’ve been dreaming of. Now that you have these tips and techniques, don’t waste any more time – get started so you can swing your troubles away on that hammock as soon as possible. After all, summer doesn’t last forever!

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