Why Boomers Choose Wilcox to “Rightsize” Their Lives

Boomers are on the prowl for smaller, more comfortable homes to suit their lifestyles.

Since the ‘60s, Baby Boomers have been identified with pushing the limits of convention, and now a new survey is bearing out that even in their later years, they’re still setting precedents. Conducted by real estate company Coldwell Banker, the survey found that as many as 80 percent of Boomers are on the prowl for smaller, more comfortable homes to suit the lifestyle shifts occurring during the second halves of their lives.

Wilcox Communities’ maintenance-free lifestyle neighborhoods are leading the way when it comes to offering the amenities that Boomer buyers are demanding.

In the past, men and women tended to remain in the family home or moved to so-called ‘retirement villages’ once they neared or reached retirement age. But today, the generation that’s in their 50s and 60s is demanding more options that allow them to enjoy a sense of community while still providing them the time they need to keep living the lifestyle they know and love.

Boomers can enjoy a sense of community along with the time to live the lifestyle they want.

Why are Boomers choosing Wilcox Communities to rightsize their lives?

1.  Rightsizing is just plain less costly. 

Boomers know that once their kids leave, there’s no need to burden themselves with the costs of a home that’s just too big for their needs. By scaling their homes to suit their lifestyles, Boomers can enjoy a lower mortgage and lower maintenance costs. How much can they save? The National Association of Home Builders reports it costs about $3 per square foot each year for utilities and related costs. That doesn’t even begin to cover the costs of lawn care or snow removal – services that are provided in every Wilcox community.

2.  Rightsizing puts Boomers closer to what they love.

Perhaps more than any other generation, Baby Boomers are committed to remaining active well into their later years, and that means they’re demanding to be near to the activities they enjoy most. Wilcox designs its communities specifically to accommodate lots of interests, helping Boomers create the lifestyles they want and pursue the interests that matter most to them.

3.  Rightsizing is a chance to live in a more affordable location.

A survey from the National Association of Realtors® reported that nearly 60 percent of Baby Boomers prefer to move to communities in the South or Midwest for the second halves of their lives, primarily due to the lower cost of living compared to living nearer the coasts. To date, Wilcox offers nearly 30 lifestyle communities throughout the South and Midwest, featuring a wide range of style options to suit an equally wide range of tastes.

Wilcox designs its communities specifically to accommodate a lot of interests.

No matter what drives Baby Boomers to select their new homes, Wilcox is ready to accommodate their needs, even as those needs evolve over time.

We’re constantly looking for new, innovative ways to help our homeowners create that sense of community they crave so they can relax and enjoy their lives, whether they’re working or retired. From the styles of homes we offer to the maintenance-free services we’re famous for to our ‘pets-are-welcome’ policy, Wilcox is dedicated to ensuring we continue to provide the high level of customer service that’s earned us respect and recognition throughout our industry.
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