Fencing Options 3 of 3: Wrought Iron

Iron fences are durable and decorative.

Its intricate designs and transformability make iron a splendid choice for designing your own backyard fence. In addition to adding personality to your yard, an iron fence can also add structure, safety, and privacy. 

The Pros of Iron Fencing:
  • Durability: This fencing option is much stronger than materials such as wood or vinyl. This makes iron a great choice for security purposes, and it lessens the occurrence of future breakage or repairs. 
  • Decorative: Iron is popular because it can be wrought into customizable shapes and designs, making for a beautiful and unique finish. It is for this reason that iron is often the fencing choice for public buildings and spaces like museums, government buildings, and parks. 

Iron fencing is beautiful but pricey.

The Cons of Iron Fencing:
  • Privacy: While iron is malleable, the posts often have spaces that allow for views through the fence. This is not typically a huge issue, as iron is often chosen to create an open and airy atmosphere. 
  • Weather Damage: Over time, iron fencing will corrode in the weather. Rust, smelting, and paint chipping are common occurrences. This is important in terms of future costs, time, and maintenance. 
  • Expensive: Its material and production processes makes iron fencing more costly than other options. It is also often more expensive to install, especially if the design is custom-made. 
Homeowners desiring safety with an aesthetic appeal will agree that an iron fence is the only way to go.  

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