Easy Halloween Snacks

Ghost bananas with chocolate chips and clementine pumpkins with celery.
Via Princess Pinky Girl.

Festive Halloween snacks don't need to be complicated.  Check out these great ideas and create a few of your own!  Have fun!

Spider web pizza!  Make your own dough and sauce or use store-bought. Use string cheese for the web and garnish with an olive spider!

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Mini spider sandwiches!  Use a cookie cutter to cut out any kind of sandwich you like - peanut butter, ham, turkey, etc.  Legs can be pretzels or shredded carrots and raisins for the eyes.

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Chattering teeth!  So easy.  Apple slices with peanut butter gums and marshmallow teeth.  Another version is with green apples and candy corn teeth for monster mouths.

Via Tutu Divine.

Rice Krispy Treat Pumpkins!  Follow the recipe for Rice Krispy Treats, add orange food coloring and shape into balls.  Garnish with Tootsie Roll stems and green leaf gel/frosting.

Via Home Stories from A to Z.

Witches Hats and Broomsticks!  Stick pretzels, Reeses peanut butter mini cups, Thin mints, Hershey Kisses and purple icing.  Assemble!

Via Holiday Cottage Page.

Cupcakes!   It's all in the decorating.  Get creative!

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Via Your Cup of Cake.

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