3 Tips to Transform Your Mudroom from Overwhelming to Organized

Use storage baskets to keep things organized.

Baby, it's cold outside, which means your mudroom is now laden with coats and scarves and boots galore. If you aren't careful, you will be walking (okay, leaping) over a pile of all of these winter necessities before you know it. And this doesn't even consider those of you who have a mudroom/laundry room combo. Yikes! Quick, before it gets any worse, follow these three tips to get your mudroom in working order.

Fill It Up
Take a look around your mudroom. Are there any empty walls? If so, you better make the most of them; ain't no room for wasted space here. One of the easiest options is installing some hooks on the walls to hang jackets and scarves on. After that's done, you should consider some simple shelves above them. Then you can choose decorative baskets for them to store the mittens, earmuffs, and whatever else doesn't have a home. Finally, to really capitalize on the space, place a bench under the hooks to provide both a place to sit while putting on shoes and a way to add more storage underneath it.

Install hooks to hang coats, bags and other accessories.

Keep It Simple 
While you definitely want everything to have a designated space when it's not in use, make sure that nothing is too difficult to access. Why? Because when you are coming in from a long day at work you only have about an ounce of energy left to put your coat where it goes. If it's not an arms reach away, you know it will end up out of place. If you are using shelving with baskets to store your winter items, make sure you place the everyday items at eye level so they are the easiest to get in and out of. And, of course, if you have small kiddos running about, place a container just for them where they can put their stuff away all on their own (hey, you can dream!).

Make It Pretty
Just because it's called a mudroom, that doesn't mean it needs to look grungy. In fact, that's exactly the reason it shouldn't. Put a little extra effort into making the space a welcoming way to enter your home. You can do this by painting the walls a cheery color, or by using decorative baskets for storage. Once everything has a home, find ways to bring in more color with the use of captivating wall art and even fresh flowers, if you feel so inclined. 

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