Master Bedroom Design Elements

A master bedroom that is welcoming and relaxing is key.

By definition, the master bedroom should be one of the most opulent rooms in a home. Too often all the creativity and decor budget is spent making the public rooms beautiful, by the time we get around to master bedroom design we're out of ideas and money. A room that's welcoming and relaxing to be in at the end of the day can add so much to your quality of life--not to mention the quality of your sleep! Whether you're starting from the floor up or just need to make a few changes to your master bedroom, here's a few design tips that can help you create the retreat of your dreams.

The Right Fit
Having a king-size bed to stretch out on is inviting, but if your bedroom isn't really large enough to accommodate a large bed, getting one could be a design disaster. For maximum comfort you should have at least two feet of space between the bed and the wall (not including the head of the bed), or the bed and other pieces of furniture. Sizing down to a queen or full bed could make the room more attractive and more comfortable overall.

A sitting area adds charm to the master bedroom.

Have a Seat
An intimate conversation nook or chaise lounge adds charm to the master bedroom. But even a small bench or chair is a great addition to your design and the room's function. Position your seating away from dressers and closets so it doesn't become a place to toss clothes.

Art Up
Instead of filling the walls with a mish-mash of miscellaneous photos and accessories, invest in one or two great pieces of art that set the mood. If the budget allows, original art pieces are wonderful things to own, but even mass-produced pieces from the discount store will do the job if you pay attention to scale and color. 

Invest in one or two great pieces of art.

Design for Two
If there are two adults sharing the master, the room should be designed with both people in mind. Strike a balance between opposing styles by drawing inspiration from contemporary design. Mix metallics with light colors to keep the decor from being too feminine or lighten the look of heavy, dark furniture by adding plenty of soft textures throughout the room.

Consider All Angles
Traditionally, the bed is placed directly across from the room's entrance or against the largest wall. In small masters there's not always a lot of flexibility in bed placement. But if you're fortunate enough to have a large bedroom, don't be afraid to experiment with bed placement. Does your master have a breathtaking view? Then angle the bed towards the window so you can enjoy it. It's your room!

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