Spring Cleaning: The Garage

Vertical storage is a great use of space.
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The garage can be a catch-all full of clutter and things you just don't know what to do with. Spring is the perfect time to get that mess under control.  It will take a bit of time, but with these tips you will have a clean and organized garage to be proud of.

Divide and Conquer
Take everything out of the garage.  Divide the mess into 3 categories: to keep, to sell or donate, to pitch. Don't start by looking through boxes and picking out individual items, it is incredibly distracting and slows down the process. If you're unsure of what's in the container, it goes into the keep pile for later sorting. 

Once the garage is empty take a load of trash to the landfill, or prearrange for a service to pick it up, and get those donations delivered the same day.  You don't want the piles to become permanent fixtures until next year's spring cleaning.

Create specific storage areas for sports equipment, children's toys etc.
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Sweep or blow out the garage of debris and cobwebs.  You may even want to power wash the floor. Inspect the floor for any significant cracks in the concrete and fill them.  If you're feeling particularly motivated you may want to put a fresh coat of paint on the walls.

Even a small garage is filled with potential storage space.  Vertical storage supplies such as pegboards, overhead systems, hanging shelves and mesh organizers are great choices. Use vertical storage options to help you create specific storage areas. One area for children's toys, sports equipment, tools, etc.

Fine tune until everything is in it's place.

Now that the garage is ready to serve as a clean and efficient storage space, start sorting through the "keep" pile. Place items in their designated areas. No need worry about perfect organization until all the items you're keeping have been placed in the right spot. Once the keep pile is managed it's time to begin fine tuning. Work in one area at a time until everything is neatly in place and you'll have a garage that is the envy of the neighborhood.

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