Tips to Help Organize Your Kitchen

Utilize vertical space.

Has the spring cleaning bug bitten you yet?  It's the perfect time to get organized.  How about tackling that kitchen?  Reorganizing your kitchen is a big task, but very rewarding. You already know that you should place the items you use regularly in the prime, easy-to-reach locations, but here are  some more tips for organizing your kitchen that you may be helpful. 

Empty Cabinets and Drawers

This may sound daunting, but emptying your cabinets and drawers will help you to take inventory of what you have.  Discard or donate things that you have multiples of or have never used.  Decide if things need replacing.  You may even discover things that have been misplaced for months! 

Create a beverage zone.

Create Zones
One of the best ways to keep things orderly is to organize your kitchen by zones. General zones can include: cleaning, baking,coffee/beverages, canned goods, etc.  For example, choose an area for a beverage station.  Situate your coffee maker and electric tea kettle on the counter near the cabinet where you store mugs, coffee/tea, filters, etc.  Ideally this should be close to the water source. Make sure there is space for coffee, teas, sugar, etc. Storing these items in clear containers will be helpful. 

Upgrade the Interiors
Most cabinets and drawers are not that user-friendly. They are simply wide-open spaces that are challenging to keep organized. Sliding shelves and drawer organizers are essential tools. When you can slide out an entire shelf, it becomes effortless to reach the big pan in the back. And when each utensil has its own section to call home, it is very easy to keep them all in place. Of course you can use silverware organizers for their designated purpose, but they are also ideal for small food items, measuring cups, and especially the junk drawer.

Sliding shelves and drawer organizers are helpful tools.

Utilize Vertical Space
Use the walls for more practical uses than displaying artwork.   Using hooks and nails is one of the easiest ways to clean up your kitchen drawers, cabinets and counters. Set up a row of hooks to hang the aprons, dishtowels, and oven mitts. Use a hanging rack over your island to display pots and pans. And mounting your telephone, calendar, or to-do list will clear up some counter space. 

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