3 Ways to Create a Container Flower Garden

Container gardens can create a big impact in a small setting.

Container gardens allow you to mix and match different blooms to create an impressive garden in a small setting. They're perfect for placing on your patio, porch, or front steps and will bring instant cheer to your home. There are many ways to mix and match plants for the perfect container garden. Get started with these classic techniques. 

Window box garden - Cheery window boxes brighten the exterior of your home. They're the perfect place to plant herbs or use bright flowers and trailing plants to create a unique container garden to accent your home. When planting a window box garden, you'll get the most mileage with plants that naturally spread or have an open shape, such as sweet potato vines, creeping thyme, petunias, or verbena. 

Window boxes add charm and warmth.
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Mixed container garden - Deep round planters (16 inch or wider) accommodate a range of plants and are the perfect all-purpose choice for container gardens. Add one to your front steps, back deck, or anywhere in between to brighten the landscape. When planting a mixed container garden, you'll have instant success with a three-part formula of "thriller, filler, and spiller." Choose one high-impact plant, such as coleus or ornamental grass. Add one filler plant, which will take up the bulk of the container. Petunias or marguerite daisies work well. Then select one trailing plant, such as licorice plant, to add visual interest beyond the borders of the planter. For an edible twist on the same idea, try a thriller of hot peppers or ornamental eggplant, a filler of lettuce, and a spiller of creeping thyme or strawberries. 

Upcycled containers add a unique touch to your garden.
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Upcycled garden - The upcycling trend offers a unique way to repurpose something you have into a focal point for your garden. Consider using watering cans, children's toys, old paint buckets, old purses, or even furniture to create your container garden. Let the size of the upcycled item dictate what you plant there. You can create an interesting effect on a fence, for example, by planting a selecting of castoff purses potted with delicate blooms or trailing vines. Watering cans look good when planted with upright plants, like edibles or ornamental grasses. To mix and match plants, use a large item (like a wheelbarrow, a tire, or an old sink) and mix and match textures and heights for visual interest. 

When planning your container garden, choose flowers that have the same growing conditions (such as full sun vs. part shade) and place the finished container in an area where it will thrive. Then, water regularly to keep your flowers looking their best! 

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