Best Vegetables to Grow in Containers

Container gardening is perfect if you're short on space.

Container gardening offers a solution for small space gardeners who want to grow their own food, but do not have the land to do so. While you can start any sort of vegetable in a container, not all of them will do well in that environment. Learn the best vegetables for planting in containers. 

Lettuces - Leaf lettuces work very well in long containers like window boxes, since they do not grow long roots. Lettuce can grow well in sun and part shade environments, and seeds can be sown directly into the containers of soil. 

Beans - Bush beans grow well in containers and require no staking or trellising. Pole beans can also be grown in containers, but reach a height of 6-8 feet and require staking. Bush beans produce the full crop at once, while pole beans vary their crop. Plant one bean plant per pot and grow in the full sun. 

Rainbow chard.

Chard - Nutritious and great for growing in containers, chard comes in several varieties. This plant will produce tasty leaves from summer through fall. For added visual interest, grow rainbow chard, which features colorful stems. 

Eggplant - While it might not seem the first choice for container gardening, eggplant actually performs very well in containers. Choose an ornamental variety for added interest or a hybrid variety for squat plants that won't get out of hand in containers. 

Kale - Like chard, kale grows well in containers, can be harvested from summer through fall, and offers a range of nutrients. While not as ornamental as chard, it makes a great addition to the garden. 

Herbs - Like lettuce, herbs do well in small containers and in window boxes. Plant one herb per small pot or plant several herbs in a long container to create an instant kitchen garden. 

Herbs do well in small containers.

Radishes - Quick-growing radishes perform well in containers and mature fast, making them a satisfying garden addition for sun or part shade environments. 

Summer squash - Summer squash does well in containers, and will reward you with a rich harvest. Compact varieties of summer squash, like "Gold Rush," do best in containers. 

Tomatoes - That summer superstar, the tomato, does very well in container gardens as long as you choose the right variety and allow the plant full sun. Determinate tomatoes like "Bush Celebrity" top out at 2-3 feet and may be better suited for container gardening. If you have the room, indeterminate tomatoes like "Early Girl" can grow up to 5 feet tall. 

Grown together, these plants will give you a rewarding container garden from summer through fall. For more home and garden tips please visit

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